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Body falling apart only kept together by the Internet.
Shown at the exhibiton ANYBODY during The European Capital of Culture 2017
Photos: Hazel Wakefield & 
Emilie Grubert
Model: Amber



An investigation of a relationship between the human body and the total chaos the internet is, through the eyes of an uptight middle class white bitch, who doesn’t even in her wildest imagination understand how fucked up it really is. 


















We sit, or walk with our heads bend, staring through a window into a world where everything has a porn, where cute cats does funny things, where 12 year old girls live stream their own suicide, where you can find 26,900,000 pancake recipes’ in 0.49 seconds, watch Isis behead people next to an advert for horny girls in your area, listening to Enya, whilst ordering a dead body from Russia. 





The sad truth about the internet: You love it, but it doesn’t love you back.











The Internet is a parallel world, where we can get a glimpse of all the absurd stuff that humans contain. It opens up for a complete uncontrollable chaotic approach to the world, where meanings that have largely been established, are being dissected and put together in a different way, only to be shared by someone and given a new meaning, for someone then to manipulate, share it in a different context. It ends up containing an infinite number of meanings, and the original and socially agreed upon meaning, completely deteriorated. 

Whilst approximately 3.2 billion people are now adding to the Internet, it has become an independent and uncontrollable entity.


Our surroundings affect us.


If our surroundings are an increasingly chaotic mess, where truth (yeah I said it…) and fake news are all tangled up and decided upon, according to how many users on the different platforms, agree on what ever random construction of their own truth, gets to decide what the trending agenda is...












What will then happen? The most pure form of democracy we have ever seen? Downfall? 

Speculating about the future say nothing about the future, it only tells us about our relationship to the future right now. So projects speculating about this, say much more about the fears and hopes we carry right now. 



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